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In several years working throughout New York City, Leonardo Construction has had the privilege to work with individuals and families in improving and renovating their homes and businesses. As we are a family-based business, we take the nature of our work very seriously when we are invited into people’s homes.

While we are always excited and prepared to take on big projects like home renovations, no job is too big or too small for us. Our skills include painting, flooring, tiling, electrical, carpentry and plumbing work. We also contract to do outdoor work such as brickwork, roofing, and gardening, etc.

We won’t speak for other contractors, but when we work in people’s homes and businesses, we take great care and sensitivity as we know that homes especially carry so many memories for people. Of course, some of our work is noisy, especially demolitions (we can’t help that). But by partnering with owners and always keeping a good line of communication, we try to minimize the discomfort that a home renovation may cause

We pride ourselves not just on the quality of the work but also the fact that our company has had many call-backs from people who were so pleased with the experience of working with Leonardo Construction, we became their regular contractors when they need any home improvement work such as painting, etc.

We feel bad when we hear about the trouble people have with contractors. We feel that it’s not just necessary to avoid problems, but making our customers feel they are respected regarding the project is very important in creating a harmonious work environment. To that end, we always offer a free estimate. And we have been told that our rates are very reasonable.

In terms of references and recommendations, Leonardo Construction has been fortunate to make connections not just with owners of homes and businesses that we’ve renovated, but also with several very well-respected architects. We will be very happy to provide you references upon request.

Renovating and improving one’s own home and business is a big commitment. We realize that. You deserve a contractor who will do the work with precision, pride and respect. Look no further: in Leonardo Construction, you’ve found that contractor.